Hiking Hotel Berchtesgaden

The Alpinhotel in Berchtesgaden with its location just above Berchtesgaden is the ideal starting point for hikes. By car you can reach the starting points of the various hiking opportunities in just a few minutes. Our team at the Hotel also offers you tips for the hike. So we as a hiking hotel can offer the total care for you as hiking friend.

The hotel takes care of the active vacationers such as hikers and climbers. Here in the Alpine National Park Berchtesgaden the hiker gets a very widespread network of hiking trails. Hiking in the different levels of difficulty are possible in this area. We are happy to advise you from the hotel in terms of hiking trails and routes.

Hiking holidays in the hotel

Imagine your hiking to a place where you can relax, enjoy the silence and experience a carefree day. In the evening you will get in the hote restaurant a menu and then you can relax in modern equipped hotel rooms. You can interchange with the team at the hotel and receive numerous hiking tips. This is what we see as a hiking hotel. Let the soul hang out, make your body fit and enjoy the well-being after the adventure in the nature of the unique Alpine National Park Berchtesgaden.

Hiking experience

You can do a hike alone or use one of the many offers. We recommend to do the free of charge guided hikes of the National Park Service in Berchtesgaden. Here you will find a very wide range that brings you closer to nature and get the nature explained live while hiking. Descriptions of hikes and hiking trails you can get from us in advance. In general if there is a certain level of fitness it increases the fun of hiking significantly. So it is very helpful if you already did at home some small or extensive hikes in advance. Then you can do your hikes for acclimatization more relaxed. One thing is sure, in any case, the well-being is enhanced by physical activity and if you feel good you can relax better.

In the hotel you can borrow hiking poles by Leki and backpacks by SALEWA for free.

Your team of Alpinhotel Berchtesgaden.